In our Metal Processing and Painting Department, which we have established in order to process all metal parts used in our products, robotic welding and painting operations within our company, it continues to increase its capacity and strengthen its infrastructure day by day by closely following the technological innovations.


Our R&D and design team come together and determine the standards and technical features of the products that are decided to be designed.
In the mechanical design phase of the products;
  • Visually; aesthetic and innovative design
  • Structurally; effective cooling, mechanical strength, suitability for external conditions, electrical safety
  • Optically; Effective lighting and high efficiency are provided with the right light angle.
In electronic design, the led module and driver circuits of the products are design, optimize in simulation software and prototype pcb board is produce.

Lighting Products Production.

We continue to produce the processing of all metal parts used in our products, robotic welding and static powder coating processes, by closely following the technological innovations in our Metal Processing and Painting Department, increasing our capacity day by day and strengthening our infrastructure.

All the metal parts are painted automatically by robots in our static powder painting plant which has capacity ofpainting a surface area of approximately 6.000 m2 surface per day which we established for painting in desired color as resistant to external factors and corrosion.
Production of plastic parts used in our products In our Plastic Processing Department, many processes such as Plastic Extrusion, Thermoforming, Router cutting can be performed.

Electronic Production.

Our electronics production department has an annual component typesetting capacity of 1 billion, serves with two fully automatic SMT and one THT lines. Currently, 1 million led drivers and 3 million led modules are produced annually, and its production capacity continues to improve every year.

SMT production line
Only the blank circuit boards and components of the products to be produced are loaded on the line by the operators, all other operations are carried out fully automatically. SMD components are individually controlled by the image processing technology built on the system and placed on the card with a precision of 25 microns.

In our THT production line, other electronic components are assembled and their production is completed in a wave soldering machine.

Lighting Design.

Selection of the best lighting scenario in accordance with the norms, with different lighting design and simulation specific to the project.

  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Investment cost analysis

Lighting Laboratory .

In our Lighting Laboratory which we established as soon as we started our production activities, we areable to perform all necessary electrical, optical, mechanical and physical tests / measurements related to the lighting fixtures and the components of these fixtures which we are producing.

The incoming quality control tests of components , testing of samples taken from production at regular intervals, all tests required before shipment are carried out in the laboratory available with in the structure of our company. Thus, at every stage from the acceptance of raw materials to final controls before shipment, the products we produce can be provided to you with a good quality , trouble - free and complete .The accreditation process of our laboratory with its well-equipped and knowledgeable staff still continues.

The certification processes of the products which we produce are also followed by our laboratory staff.

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