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"To enlighten the future of our country and our world".

Our mission

Within the framework of developments and laws in the world; in line with the company's goals, values and strategies; By prioritizing the satisfaction of all stakeholders, we design, manufacture and present original, aesthetic, technological, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative lighting products and solutions with the most advanced technology and the most affordable cost to the world markets.

Our Vision

By managing all our activities in an integrated manner with Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, to work with all our strength to become a leader in regional markets, an effective company in world markets and aware of its social responsibilities.

Our Values

We continuously improve our activities by ensuring the participation of all our employees and stakeholders in line with our vision, strategy and goals. With the awareness that the development of our company also means the industrial and commercial development of our country and the world, we set this development as the main target and work with all our strength to reach the target.

Our Responsibilities

To produce environmentally friendly, less energy-consuming, cost-effective, long-lasting products for the future of our country and our world; at the same time, to contribute to the development of our society together with our suppliers, customers and employees.

Quality Policy

  • We act with the awareness that the quality of every product we produce is a reflection of our identity and personality.
  • As LAMPTIME, we understand the demands and expectations of our customers in the most accurate way and meet them at the highest level with high quality products and solutions.
  • We continuously improve the quality of our products, processes and services.
  • We carry out our production activities with our qualified and visionary staff, using the highest level of production technologies, without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We regularly review, report and continuously improve our quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system in order to increase efficiency.
  • We take necessary measures to eliminate and reduce hazards by evaluating risk and opportunity within the scope of management systems, by providing consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives.

Environmental Policy

  • Our sensitivity to the environment begins with the awareness that we are a part of the nature we live in. In this sense, with the awareness that protecting the environment is actually protecting ourselves and our future, we fully comply with every article of the current environmental protection laws and regulations.
  • With the aim of leaving a more livable world to future generations, we carry out social responsibility projects to fulfill our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

Human Resources Policy

  • We provide environments where our employees can express themselves as participatory, sharing and creative and can continuously improve themselves.
  • We continuously improve the overall effectiveness of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System, provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and deterioration of health, and work to minimize Occupational Health and Safety risks.

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