About Us

LAMPTIME ELEKTRIK A.S. has been active in luminary market since 2004 and it has been specialized especially at Energy Saving Products and LED luminary points. It has been presented quality, high class, environment friendly, smart and professional products to the market up to now thanks to its “innovative technologies and environmental awareness” understanding..

It has been become a favorite brand of its sector thanks to have cost advantageous through combining LED and electronic technology, meet last users’ claims in the highest level and its after sales services. Since long years, it provided to establish sales system aiming mutually benefit and common progress besides providing high quality products with cost advantageous to the sector though its experiences obtained from the sector since long years.

The aim of LAMPTIME ELEKTRIK A.S. in future is to be a leader firm in its sector, leader in regional markets, efficient in the world market and in conscious of its social responsibilities, to follow changes and innovations on the world more closely therefore to provide unconditional customer support thanks to its product and service reliability, quality and variety.